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[Old Offer] Steamboat Buffet for 1 Person


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Country Pots

G-01-06, DA MEN Mall

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What you get

A La Carte Steamboat Buffet for 1 Person also includes bottomless drinks and ice cream. Customer may enjoy unlimited orders of the items listed below. Complimentary set must be finished before unlimited refill for other ingredients.


  • Bihun (米粉)
  • Corn Bihun (玉蜀米粉)
  • Spinach Mee (菠菜面)
  • Yee Mee (伊面)


  • Green Chinese Cabbage(小白菜)
  • Kangkung (蕹菜)
  • Amaranth(苋菜)
  • White Cabbage(黄芽白)
  • Salad King (生菜王)
  • Seaweed (紫菜)
  • Milk Cabbage (奶白)


  • Enoki (金针菇)
  • Shitake (香菇)
  • Shimeji (茶树菇)
  • White Shimeji(白茶树菇)
  • Abalone Mushroom (鲍鱼菇)


  • Beef Slice (牛肉片)
  • Chicken Slice (鸡肉片)
  • Fish Slice (鱼片)
  • Pork Slice (猪肉片)


  • Abalone Slice (鲍鱼片)
  • Green Mussel (青蚝)
  • Prawn (虾)
  • Red Scallop (红壳带子)
  • Bamboo Clam (竹滩)
  • Squid (鱿鱼)
  • White Squid(白鱿鱼)
  • Clam (蚌)


  • Egg
  • Japanese Tofu (日本豆腐)
  • White Tofu (白豆腐)
  • Tofu Pok (豆腐卜)
  • Bittergourd (苦瓜)
  • Corn (玉米)
  • Lotus (莲藕)
  • Pumpkin (南瓜)
  • Radish (白萝卜)
  • Tomato(番茄)
  • Yam (芋头)
  • Quail Egg (鹌鹑蛋)
  • Beef Ball (牛肉丸)
  • Chikuwa (鸡卷)
  • Crab Claw (蟹钳)
  • Crab Filament (蟹柳)
  • Fish Sandwich (三文治鱼)
  • Fish Roe (鱼包蛋)
  • Fresh Fish Ball (小鱼丸)
  • Lobster Ball (龙虾丸)
  • Moki-Moki (白丝结)
  • Oborotsuki (鱼柳卷)
  • Pork Ball (猪肉丸)
  • Vege Fish Ball (素鱼丸)
  • White Fish Ball (大鱼丸)
  • Cheese Cocktail(起司香肠)
  • Cheese Seafood Tofu(起司海鲜豆腐)
  • Crab Flavor Nugget (北海翅)
  • Sausage (香肠)
  • Seafood Tofu (海鲜豆腐)
  • Siu Mai (烧卖)
  • King Crab Chunk (蟹肉卷)
  • Kampar Fried Ball(金宝炸丸子)
  • Kampar Fried Fu Chuk(金宝炸腐竹皮)
  • Kampar Stuffed Tofu(金宝酿豆腐)
  • Kampar Stuffed Tofu Puff(金宝酿豆腐卜)
  • Fried Fu Chuk(炸腐竹皮)
  • Vegetarian Fu Chuk(素腐竹皮)

Fine Print

  • Strictly valid for dine-in only.
  • Non-Halal restaurant.
  • Sharing not allowed.
  • No GST or service charges.
  • Not valid with any others promotion, offer, discount or voucher.
  • Complimentary set must be finished for unlimited refill for other ingredients
  • Wastage charges: RM10 for every 100g of food
  • Reservation recommended. Booking and seating subject to availability. [Call +60176285818]
  • Duration: 2 hours
How to redeem
Cancellation Policy

Full refund in Fave credits for on-time cancellations. Select a time slot to find out when is the latest you can cancel

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