What a rollercoaster ride it has been! We’re sure the past 48+ hours have been one of the craziest that Malaysians have felt. Here are some of the best reactions we found on the internet that really shows how we all felt during the 14th General Election.

1. When you can’t vote but you want to join the inked finger trend on social media:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 1
Image by Aliarrr97 via Instagram.

2. Or when you’re overseas and can’t get your finger inked – so you’ve gotta improvise:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 2
Image by Humungodude via Reddit.

3. When you’re trying to dance to ‘That’s What I Like’ but the results are not what you like:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 3
Tweet by haikalclassic via Twitter.

4. When it was almost midnight yet only a handful number of seats were officially announced:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 4
Image by Guo Zhang via FaceBook.

5. After numerous press conferences the SPR people started cracking jokes when really inside they must have felt like this:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 5
Tweet by prophetdora via Twitter.

6. And when the results FINALLY came in and it was announced that Tun M would be our 7th PM:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 6
Image by Qazyr via Twitter.

7. Malaysians feeling the unity in voting together for a change:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 7a
Tweet by Praveenaaa_97 via Twitter.
Fave Election GE14 Meme 7b
Tweet by mukhriz45 via Twitter.

8. Watching Tun M talking eloquently at his press conference at 2.30AM and meanwhile you’re half asleep:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 8a
Tweet by isebelleysf via Twitter.
Fave Election GE14 Meme 8b
Tweet by TBMH_ via Twitter.

9. When the elections results made you feel like you could accomplish anything. Straight A’s this semester? No problem.

Fave Election GE14 Meme 9
Tweet by zingerburgers via Twitter.

10. And of course, everyone celebrating our first ever female DPM:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 10
Tweet by nuhajesss via Twitter.

11. And when even though the results were out, we still did not have a new government or PM yet:

Fave Election GE14 Meme 11
Tweet by MiaOng24 via Twitter.

12. And although you were exhausted, you can’t imagine how those working in journalism and media must be feeling:

13. And finally despite all the GE14 craziness – one thing will always remain: Malaysians will never disappoint when it comes to memes.

Fave Election GE14 Meme 13
Tweet by haikalclassic via Twitter.

9th May 2018: We watched history unfold right before our eyes as one nation stood together in hopes of changing the country for the better. Malaysia Boleh!

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