People love to spend a good amount of time “lepak-ing”, here in Malaysia. Whether at the mall, at the mamak shop, or even on a road trip, we’re always up for an adventure. Unfortunately, ever since the Movement Control Order (MCO) started, we don’t get a lot of outside time. Most of our favourite shops had to close. Weekends have also started to feel more like weekdays.

Today, with the number of cases dropping and the ruling loosened, we can slowly but surely start our adventures again (Yay!). So let’s take a look at some of the things we missed during MCO and are itching to get back to.

Some of the things we missed

Without any doubt, most of us miss being able to walk out of our homes without needing to think about face masks and sanitizers. Katelyn, one of our Product Managers says, “I tend to forget sometimes”. It’s not uncommon to forget, considering we have yet to adapt to this new norm. Leaving home has become a chore as we’d need to plan beforehand, even if it is just for a 5-minute walk to the grocery store.

Our friends at Fave say that one thing they miss a bunch is being able to freely meet their friends. Alice says, “I miss spending time with the people I care for, hearing their voices and seeing them smile” as she expresses just how much she misses her friends after procrastinating meeting up with them several times before. If there is one thing we can learn here, it’s that there is no ‘perfect time’ we choose when the perfect time happens. 

It’s not all bad

People usually say that until we lose it, we wouldn’t know what we’ve got. I’m here to tell you the opposite is also true, we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it arrives. Due to the quarantine, many of us were around our family members all the time. This happens to be a great thing. We got to spend time with our families where normally we could not, due to our working schedule, being held up at the office for the entire day.

This MCO has also reminded us that even though we are apart, we can still be connected via the internet. As such, we can also use our homes as gyms and even pick up new hobbies without stepping out of the house. Many of us even learned that we are capable of many other things we never knew we could do, such as cooking and baking. Oh yes, we know a good number of us who have tried cooking; whether or not it went up in flames, it’s an achievement to have attempted, isn’t it? 

Here’s a more in-depth experience of one of our friend here at Fave

Laurin, Product Manager

Coming here to Fave all the way from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Laurin’s dream is to travel to multiple countries here in Asia. Before, as a non-permanent resident here in Malaysia, he was limited with the number of days he could leave the country, hence restricting his passion to travel. Now with the restricted movement from the MCO, travelling to other countries is a definite N-O. To make it worse, this means that he cannot even travel back home. “I feel very frustrated that I cannot travel home. My best friend is getting married and my grandma is going to celebrate her 90th birthday soon.”

Laurin is an optimistic person. With all that is going on, he still sees the bright-side to things. “There are a couple of places I had been planning to visit in Malaysia, and I think I will do that now instead.” Although apprehensive about transportation, he knows that there are plenty of activities available here in Malaysia itself. Click here to check some of them out!

We can all be heroes

Although all of us are affected by this, not everyone is affected in the same way personally. For some of us, being restricted to the four corners of the same walls every day might be a delightful routine, but for some, it is not. So as humans, let’s do our part in helping the world recover by doing what is right. Keep safe by maintaining our social distance! “A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat on a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended” – The Dark Knight. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And more importantly, be happy!

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