Raise your hand if you often have to go through an endless trouble of trying to get a waiter’s attention at a busy restaurant.

Just kidding – you can keep your hand down.

In fact, you may not even need to raise your hand anymore at restaurants now.

That, and a bunch of other hassles that come with eating out, now snapped away with our all-new Table Ordering feature. The service enables you to conveniently order and pay for your meal via the Fave app from your mobile device at selected restaurants (think McDonald’s ordering kiosk, but without having to get up).

What does Table Ordering offer?

  1. No more split bills (just order separately)
    Say goodbye to calling for split bills or designating an ‘accountant’ to math out how much each person should pay. Table Ordering allows you and your friends to order and pay separately from the same table via your respective Fave accounts.
  2. Minimal room for miscommunication
    Trying to get your order to the kitchen accurately can sometimes feel like the Whisper Challenge. Your requests with the waiter can easily get mixed up or lost in the wash. Skip ahead in the process with Table Ordering, where you can order on the app itself and save yourself a disastrous mess from any possible miscommunication with the waiter.
  3. Service in just a tap away
    How frequently do you have to frantically flag down a waiter from a blind spot in a restaurant for it to end up in vain?  Table Ordering saves you the hassle of waving your hands around just to get a waiter’s attention. Just tap on the ‘Ping Staff’ function for assistance and someone will attend to you in a jiffy.
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  4. A step towards a zero waste lifestyle
    An order chit (the paper you write your order on) is used and thrown away for every order at a restaurant. Imagine just how much of paper is produced and thrown after a one-time use within each day. Digitising orders creates a sustainable system that reduces the excessive consumption of natural resources and contribution to landfills, ultimately moving us steps closer to a cleaner, greener planet.
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How to use Table Ordering?

  1. Open the Fave app and simply scan the QR code on the table.

  2. Select items from the digital menu to add to your order list.
  3. Pay via any of the supported payment methods (e.g. debit or credit cards, online banking, e-wallets, etc.).
  4. Voila! Your order goes straight to the kitchen.

Give it a go!

Now that you’re all warmed up to our exciting new feature, give it a go at any participating restaurant. Over 60 merchants across Malaysia and Singapore have gotten on board with Table Ordering within the first two months of launch.

Here are a few of the pioneering merchants with Table Ordering in Malaysia which you can visit:

Local bites:

Western delights:

East meets West:

Spices of India:

Chinese check-outs:

Japanese joys:

Thai-licious treat:

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