You’ve done so well this year! Treat yourself to a pampering massage or two to unwind and get your body—and mind—ready for another great year.

Deadlines, chores, and the general hustle and bustle of city life can bog a person down. So it’s important to take care and give yourself a little stress-free treat every now and then.

From indulging in decadent desserts and spending time with your special someone, to hitting the gym and working out, there are so many ways to unwind. But one of our all-time, favourite stress-relievers is getting a massage. There’s nothing quite as tranquil as the gentle scent of essential oils and saying sayonara to aches and knotted muscles.

So, in conjunction with Makeover with Fave, we’ve collected some popular massage types (and a Fave suggestion or two), so that you can make the right decision when choosing a massage for your spa day.

1. Balinese Massage

The Balinese massage uses a combination of massage techniques. This ranges from gentle stretches and reflexology to deep pressure kneading to relieve tight muscle knots, stimulate blood flow, and reduce stress. This massage also uses scented oils for smoother strokes and a soothing atmosphere.

Fave Picks: 

The AsiaSpaA 16,800 square feet contemporary spa, The AsiaSpa has won multiple awards for its spa services, so unwind, relax, and rejuvenate with a full body Balinese massage and foot spa.

Mandara SpaSeated within the 5-star interiors of the Renaissance Hotel, Mandara Spa is an international spa brand spa treatments and rituals that reflect the beauty, spirit, and traditions of the ancient healing arts of Bali.

Lyna’s House: Housing two outlets, Lyna’s House is home to a wide variety of beauty services for female and male customers. Look forward to a traditional massage, as well as a back scrub, sauna session, and soothing foot bath.

2. Aromatherapy Massage

A popular choice in most spas these days, the aromatherapy massage is known for its calming qualities. Utilising the healing and soothing properties of essential oils, alongside gentle kneading and strokes, this massage works towards restoring your body’s qi flow and relax the mind.

Fave Picks:

Si Fu: Located within KL’s Golden Triangle, this relaxing oasis is perfect for escaping Bukit Bintang’s crowd. Head in and walk out rejuvenated after a 1-hour aromatherapy or deep tissue massage.

Celmonze The Signature: Boasting 12 outlets throughout Peninsular Malaysia, Celmonze The Signature makes its mark as a one-stop centre for beautifying needs. So, find a centre that’s near you and get refreshed with a 2-hour massage. Bonus! This offer also includes a back scrub and tea serving.

3. Pressure Point Massages

While most massages incorporate some use of acupressure into their techniques, pressure point massages revolve around a variety of acupressure techniques. These techniques target trigger points on the body to unblock qi flow, boost blood circulation, and even stimulate healing. Some examples of pressure point massages include Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massages like Tui Na massages, foot reflexology, and more. Thai massages also utilise acupressure techniques, as well as assisted yoga postures to pull, stretch, and limber up muscles.

Fave Picks:

Reborn: Touted as one of Malaysia’s largest foot reflexology chain, Reborn employs over 200 trained therapists and has 20 outlets nationwide. So, take a seat and pamper your feet!

Footsie: Inspired by nature, Footsie offers relaxing and invigorating massages that aim to relieve stress, inflammation, muscle pain, and more. Get limber with this Thai massage and walk out with renewed vigour in your joints.


If these offers don’t catch your fancy, take a look at Makeover with Fave. Browse through hundreds of deals for massages, hair colouring, mani-pedis, facials, and more. Keep an eye out for Flash Deals, and indulge in your favourite treatments at some extra special prices!

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