It’s that time of the year again where a variety of characters emerge from the shadows during Ramadhan. Brace yourselves & have patience when encountering these creatures! Here are 9 types of people you’ll meet during Ramadhan.

1. The ones who can’t wake up for sahur.

Waking up for school/work is hard enough! Even harder when your mom is banging on your door trying to wake you up for sahur for the fifth time.

2. The ones who try to lose weight during Ramadhan.

Most of us are guilty of this, we always plan to lose weight and workout during Ramadhan but how can we resist all the kuihs!

3. The person who are unsure when is iftar / doesn’t trust the clock.

You know the feeling when you break fast in the restaurant and isn’t sure if its iftar or not so you stare at others? Yeah, that happens WAY too often.

4.That one person who always eat “macam kena kejar hantu”.

That one person that always eats like it’s their last meal on earth during sahur/iftar… but pace yourself, sisters and brothers, because that’s how you gain weight during Ramadhan..

5. That one person who asks if you’re fasting today.

There’s always that one friend in your group who CONSTANTLY asks “eh puasa ke?” and doesn’t believe you.

6.  The ones who wants to nap the whole day but takut batal.

I know we all crave for our daily afternoon naps that lasts for 6 hours after fasting the entire day but be patient! Kesabaran adalah separuh daripada iman. 

7. That one person who watch you to make sure you don’t batal puasa.

“Allah is watching you”

8. The person who thinks that every single thing will batal their puasa.

“Woi batal puasa la kalau korek hidung tu”

9. That one person who doesn’t want to share food during Iftar

Come on man, there’s no reason NOT to share when your food looks good too!

Jokes aside brothers & sisters, Ramadhan is not only about patience but also togetherness, understanding & respect between one another. Ramadhan Kareem everyone!

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