In this era of modern technology, it should be no surprise that more than 80% of millennials own smartphones. It should be even less of a surprise that these smartphones have become man’s best friend. We use it to keep track of bills, birthdays, meetings, and even finding a hot date for a Saturday night. Admit it: the first thing you check for before you leave the house is your phone.

Smartphones aren’t just useful for Googling the best places to eat or looking up old friends on Facebook. With the growing number of smartphone users around the world, businesses have started to merge itself into the virtual world. If you have a wealth of resources and information in the palm of your hand, why not have your money in it, too? Cashless spending certainly makes your wallet a little less bulky.

Check out these 5 reasons why you should go cashless!

Think Fast, Pay Fast

As the old adage goes: “time waits for no man.” It certainly doesn’t wait for no man when you’re waiting in line to pay for a meal. Have you ever been stuck behind someone at a grocery store or restaurant rifling through their pockets and bags for spare change while on a deadline? It’s the little things that can get you down in your day, and by going cashless, you spend less time figuring out if you have enough money in your wallet to pay, and more time savouring the things you paid for. With a tap of your smartphone, you could pay for a six-course meal, and be out the door in five minutes.

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Skinny Jeans Generation & Wallet Bulk

From bell bottoms to skinny jeans, fashion has taken a turn for the tighter, and seems to be staying that way. A tight fit around your waist often means having to keep a close eye on unseemly bulges, crumples, and lumps. Keep those skinny jeans and jeggings sleek and lump-free when you go cashless — I’m sure you can find somewhere else to tuck that slim smartphone. Going cashless means you don’t need to worry about stuffing those bulky wallets brimming with receipts into pockets. Just whip out your fancy little smartphone and pay with apps like Fave and AliPay, and you’re good to go.

“I’ve got no change to weigh me down”

QRs for QTs

Smartphones nowadays come with a front-facing and back-facing camera, ideal for those who love taking a selfie wherever they go. But these high definition cameras have another use as well — and that’s scanning QR codes. Short for Quick Response Code, these snazzy little matrix barcodes live up to their name with their quick and easy usage. Just point the camera its way and it does all the work for you.


Exact Change Always In-Range

Walking around with coins jingling in your pocket can get in the way of your super secret ninja missions. Breaking big notes at restaurants can get you dirty looks and a thick roll of money to stuff back into your wallet. Having fat stacks in your wallet can feel good, or it can be tedious when you’re wearing your skinniest jeans. Why fuss with loose change and big notes when you can just give it to them in exact change? Right down to the cent.

Discounts and Cashbacks

“Cash me ousside, how bout dah?”

We all love money. It’s hard not to, when it makes the world go ’round. Being Malaysians, the one thing we love more than money and food is discounts. Everybody loves a good bargain, and when you go cashless, these bargains pretty much fall into your lap. When you use apps like FavePay to foot the bill, you get cashback opportunities too! Not convinced? Have a sample of these RM0 FavePay promo codes.

Still not convinced? Let us know in the comments why, and you might see that feature in our next update!

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