As we’re steadily creeping into February, it’s time to celebrate the Aquarians in your life!

Known for being visionaries, excellent listeners, and independent spirits, peeps born from January 19 to February 18 fall under this fabulous astrological zodiac sign. So we’ve curated a selection of gifts that would be perfect them:

1. Double-layer cake or cheesecake from The Accidental Bakers

Cheesecake from The Accidental Bakers

Double-layer cake from The Accidental Bakers

Say thank you for being a great friend with a scrummy cake. Rich, decadent, and everything you’d want in a birthday cake, these indulgent creations are great for surprise and not-so-surprise parties!

Choose from five exquisite cake flavours and get 30% off your cake from The Accidental Bakers.

2. Fat burning and bodybuilding with a 1-Month KFIT Pass

1-Month KFIT Fitness Pass

12-Month KFIT Fitness Pass

Aquarians are trendy health enthusiasts. If there’s a new fitness trend, they’ll be the first to try it out. So give your Aquarian friend the opportunity to explore as many fitness trends and classes as they’d like with a 1-month KFIT pass. From aerial classes to Brazilian martial arts, they’ll find everything on the KFIT app.

Get a KFIT 1-month fitness pass for only RM139.

3. Afternoon tea with cake and dessert at Tiny Temptress

Tiny Temptress Dessert Set at Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie

Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie

Perfect for your Downton Abbey buddy, this tea set is a delicious way to show your appreciation while lifting your pinkies. If it tickles your fancy to speak in posh British accents, we won’t tell a soul 😉

Sip on TWG teas and nibble on cakes and macarons with this dessert set at Tiny Temptress Artisan Patisserie.

4. Rock climbing and river tubing at Bentong Happy Farm

Rock Climbing at Bentong Happy Farm

River Tubing at Bentong Happy Farm

Aquarians love spontaneity, so a trip to Bentong for a day of rock climbing and tubing will probably be greeted with jumps for joy. Available for groups of two, four, or eight people, you can make your party as big or intimate as you’d like.

Feed that adventurous streak and get your 2-in-1 package at Bentong Happy Farm.

5. Shabu-shabu buffet at Suki-Ya

Shabu shabu at Suki-Ya Malaysia

Shabu shabu buffet dinner at Suki-Ya Malaysia

Aquarians are known for being natural do-gooders who would be happy to spend their days (even birthdays!) doing humanitarian work, so take this opportunity to spoil them with a shabu-shabu buffet! With a free-flow spread of sushi, meats, vegetables, and rich soups, it’s sure to be a memorable meal.

You don’t have to wait for their birthday, get your Suki-Ya buffet dinner now for 46% off.

Plus, you can always go twice!

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Simply buy your desired voucher as per normal and after purchasing the voucher, you will see a pink button that says “Send as Gift” as you scroll down. Click on that button and you can then fill out your gift recipient’s details and even include a special message for them!

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