llaollao is now on FavePay!

That’s right, everyone’s favourite Spanish froyo brand llaollao (That’s pronounced: yao yao!) is now on FavePay – giving you 20% cashback, for your next purchase, every time you get this creamy and healthy treat! To celebrate this joyous event, the Fave team decided to have a llaollao Day Out where everyone got to have a llaollao and enjoy FavePay benefits on the spot!


Sanum creations

For 2 of our Fave people, they went for the ultimatum with a Sanum where they could pick out 3 types of fresh fruits, 2 types of crunches, and 1 sauce for their llaollao indulgence! Here’s what they got:

  • Elie L. (left Sanum)

What did you pick?

Watermelon, melon, mango, Crunch, Lotus caramelized biscuits, and the chocorock sauce.

Why did you pick these?

I have a thing for melons over the chewy texture, watermelons for their juicy nature, and mangoes for that aromatic touch. I also like how the Crunch and Lotus caramelized biscuits blends around with the natural llaollao froyo, topped with a crunchy chocorock sauce that brings everything together!

What would you name your creation?

The Everything. I mean, I did kind of pick everything I like from llaollao… so why not keep it simple right?


  • Valeria M. (right Sanum) 

What did you pick?

Watermelon, mango, watermelon, muesli with chocolate, crunch balls, and chocolate sauce to top it off.

Why did you pick these?

I mainly went for the toppings that I liked and didn’t really thought of how the toppings would taste together. And to keep it a bit healthy, the muesli + choco mix. I think a third fruit would’ve made it a bit better (I really like watermelon tho), but I’m excited to continue building different Sanum’s until I find the perfect mix for me!

What would you name your creation?

The Tropical Sanum, since the mango adds a bit of a tangy kick to make it stand out!


Try it out!

There’s a whole lot more toppings available at llaollao and you can even get 20% cashback when you pay with FavePay! Head on over to your nearest llaollao, indulge a little and share with us your llaollao creation with the hashtag #myfavellaollao.
(Applicable only in the Klang Valley locations)

psst psst: As a special treat and valid only until June 18th, use the code: LLAOLLAO4ALL and get RM2 off on your next 2 llaollao purchases, when using FavePay. Enjoy!

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