Ah, the pungent durian. An unmistakable, sweet fruit that has elements of sweet and savoury at the same time. You either love them or hate them, but one thing is definitely certain – they truly embody the togetherness of Malaysian culture. There’s nothing quite like 12AM chats with the fam and friends, noshing on the king of fruits as you recall old memories and tempt those who don’t like durians by not so subtly waving a piece of durian in their face.

Brb, otw to get some durians.

“But durians are expensive, lah.”


As much as most of us love this glorious fruit, we all know and are probably way too familiar with the dreaded dealbreaker: the price. In fact, the value of durian in China is allegedly equivalent to the value of an iPhone X! How crazy is that?

To taste that sweet, succulent, unique-tasting fruit, but sabotaging the precious Ringgit bills in your wallet to do it? Burning that amount of money on durians alone might lead you to a slight predicament. Rent? Lunch? Bills? Nah, durians.

But sometimes, when that craving hits, there’s no stopping the lengths some can go to gorge in this treasured Malaysian favourite. Here’s where FavePay comes in – with FavePay, you get 10% cashback on your purchase at one of Petaling Jaya’s most famous durian stalls, Durian SS2!

Durian SS2 is a haven of ‘all-you-can-eat’ durian goodness

Decked out with the classic folding table and red chairs that are synonymous with most Malaysian stalls and restaurants, Durian SS2 is the home to a buffet of durians of all kinds and varieties. The red, buttery flesh of D101; the sweet, acrid, small-seeded Thraka; D24’s bright yellow fruit with a creamy, bittersweet bite; the nearly seedless, custard-y, bittersweet Raja Kunyit, and the sweet, reddish-orange Udang Merah are just a dip in the pool of what they have to offer. Durian lovers from far and wide gather at Durian SS2 to indulge in all the wonders they provide, including a sweet, creamy, icy durian gelato and refreshing, thirst-quenching Thai coconuts.

According to rojakdaily.com, this is the only durian stall left in SS2 after authorities forced durian sellers away from the area because of traffic congestion. So it’s no surprise that with the bountiful quantities of delicious durian, customers flock back here often to enjoy what they have in store. Besides an in-store buffet where you can dine in, this stall also offers takeaway, so you can purchase durians galore to share with family and friends who favour these pungent yet palatable delights, too.

Speaking of ‘all-you-can-eat’…

Here at Fave, we love discounts, good food, and fun times. Put all those things together, and you get an all-you-can-eat buffet at Durian SS2! Gorge on heaps and heaps of D24 durians with your durian-loving friends and fam. Quench your thirst and pair the delectable durians with fresh coconut water! Fresh durians AND fresh coconut water, what’s not to love?

Ready to eat some durians and save some cash?

As we mentioned before, with FavePay, you get to save a cool amount of cash on durians using the Fave app! Using these promo codes, you can get 15% off, or RM30 off your total bill on these creamy, pungent treats. So if you have no concrete plans for the weekend, just gather the entire family and indulge in a buffet of durians!

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