In case you didn’t know, the long Hari Raya weekend will be coming up soon! For those of you haven’t got any plans locked in or don’t quite know what to do at all, fret not because we’ve got some nifty tips for you right here!


Eat your heart out!

Eat, eat, eat! What better way to spend the long weekend than to gather your friends and stuff your faces with all-you-can-eat buffets around town? From Japanese buffets to Korean grills and steamboats, or even a hi-tea session at renowned hotels, it’s just that feeling from taking anything and everything you want before succumbing to a food coma after. Check out what Fave has to offer HERE!

Sukishi Buffet

For our Muslim friends, we also have a collection of halal buffets to pick from, so you can have a Hari Raya that’s just a little different this year with your friends and family! Check out our Ramadan Collection or see 5 hand picked buffet options: HERE!


Pamper yourself at a spa!

Not cut for all-you-can-eat deals? Then set yourself for an indulgent weekend of getting pampered from head to toe with a trip to the spa! So, whether it’s having a comfortable massage to knead away your tired back or having a rejuvenating facial to give you that extra glow – long weekends are just perfect for spa visits. And if you’re looking for an alternative that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, how about looking through our collection of spa deals that we’ve handpicked for you: HERE



Pack your bags and go on a staycation!

All work and no play makes every day a dull day… so how about taking this opportunity to plan a staycation with your friends and family? With hotel stays and activities all over Malaysia, these staycations are equally as fun and a lot friendlier on your wallet as compared to getting out of the country! If you need help on where to pick (After all, there are 14 states in Malaysia to explore!), why not look through our travel deals to help seal the deal HERE.

Melaka Wonderland in Melaka


Sort your pictures for a Photobook

And finally, if you’ve always wanted to print out pictures you’ve been taking while on holidays or during a special event, then the long weekend would be perfect for that! So grab those pictures and sort them out, pick out your template from the website and send them away for printing with these Fave Photobook deals today: HERE.

Make a book full of memories!


We’d love to know what your plans are for the Hari Raya long weekend, so if you’re planning any of these fun activities for the coming holidays, be sure to hashtag your pictures with #MYFaveRayaHoliday!