Have you ever wondered why only certain cookies became popular as CNY cookies? Let’s find out!

Behind each box of Chinese New Year cookies are relentless appetites craving for them. Not a single day goes by during this festive period without having your hand wander towards the wealth of cookies and snacks. But, hold up! Haven’t you ever wondered why these particular cookies became CNY cookies? Let’s take a peek into their buttery histories and maybe even pick cookies a few to try this CNY!

1. Peanut Cookies

Milky Way CNY Cookies on Fave
Talk about crumbling under pressure…

Who can forget this festive crowd favourite? The earthy, nutty profiles stem from blitzing a variety of nuts such as cashew, peanut, and even almonds. The powdered nut is mixed with flour, sugar, and egg wash to create the melt-in-the-mouth texture children and adults alike fondly remember.

Traditionally, it is served to guests to symbolise a year of abundance and longevity ahead for them. Sometimes the cookies are even shaped as gold ingots, which proffers wealth, making them a unique treat!

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2. Love Letters

Milky Way Love Letters on Fave
Not all love is lost, some arrive directly next to you. Ouch.

Love is in the air—or should we say love letters are everywhere! Sneak in your very own personalised message between this light and crispy treat and spread the love.

These centuries-old love letters had a much greater importance during non-Snapchat times – it was a means of communication to avoid any suspicion from disapproving parties (we see you Mom and Dad). Eating it literally means to take it to one’s heart or to internalise the words written on the message.

Fast forward today, these egg wafers have come a long way, and boasts many flavours like white coffee, black sesame, durian, duck egg, and much more! Wait no further as you can sample Milky Way’s signature ones alongside other cookies with 29% off!

3. Bak Kwa (Dried Meat)

Bak Kwa Super Home Taste on Fave
Taking drying to a whole new level. Three stacks to be exact!

Since Chinese New Year traditions are all about the colour red, the vibrant reddish look of bak kwa is a lucky colour. The treat signifies prosperity, success, security, and much more. Hence, it is the perfect reason to skimp on diets and munch with its savoury-sweet delectable flavours.

In ancient time, the dried meat was limited to pork, mutton, or beef. But now, you can even find crab meat floss, fish floss, shrimp floss, and plenty more. Just drop by Super Home Taste and choose from its elaborate list. Or better yet, get them conveniently delivered to your home for free!

4. Kuih Bangkit

Fave Kuih Bangkit
If only we were this happy waking up from bed…

Rise and shine my little, sweet divine cookie. Though ‘bangkit’ translates from Malay to ‘rise up’, nobody wants to see these decadent treats waking up and wandering around our homes. Instead, this coconut-flavoured cookie’s humble beginning started as part of religious food offerings to ancestors since it was shaped as ancient Chinese currency.

Today, the cookie moulds and patterns come in many floral and animal patterns. Each of them embodies different meanings altogether. Look closely and you would find a red dye on some cookies where it represents the ‘eyes’ of the animals.

So, make your own special moments and meanings by celebrating with this decadent treat that can be found easily anywhere.

5. Meat Floss

Yuen Fong Food Enterprise Chicken Floss on Fave
Dentists teaching toddlers how to brush teeth in kindergarten colourised

Meal wool, abon, ousung, and meat floss are just some additional monikers of this fluffy snack. The cooking process is a long one, with stewing needed in order to separate the meat’s muscle fibres before drying it out. Devour this mountainous stack of light, cotton-like texture of meat as it is or as toppings!

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All in all, take a break and truly capture the abundance of Chinese New Year with these traditional and rich-laden history treats. Don’t forget to share them with all!

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