Dim sum, a perennial favourite among locals and tourists, ropes in many traditional favourites from Hong Kong, where the rich-laden history of the cuisine was born. Termed as ‘touch your heart’, the craftily handmade staples exemplifies the way we share our bonds all over mountainous stacks of dim sum in bamboo baskets.

Whether it’s steaming hot or deep-fried selections being offered, there are over 100 different types of known dim sum dishes to date. Even both traditionalists and modernists are plying their trade on the humble fare of dim sum. So, get chopsticks ready for a sumptuous feast because we’ve rounded up five of the best-selling types right here in Malaysia. Hence, let the snacking begin!

1. Supreme Prawn Dumpling

Starting us off, we have the steamed prawn dumplings or fondly known as ‘har gau’ or ‘xia jiao’ in Cantonese. Ensembling a bonnet-like shape, the semi-transparent and pleated dumpling houses succulent pieces of prawn.

Known for its intricacy of balancing meat to dumpling skin ratio, each delicate handmade wrap must retain its shape and be thin enough. Why may you ask? It is to show off the vibrant pinkish prawn through its wraps. As it is an arduous process, it’s often used as a golden rule to gauge how proficient a chef is.

Think you might be able to conquer making one? Not to worry because you can have it easy as this dish is available almost anywhere! So, what better way than to start feasting on a basket of har gau that is worshipped at Foh San!

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Supreme prawn dumpling at Foh San // Foh San’s Facebook

2. Egg tart

Next, we have egg tarts! Silky, smooth, and buttery to the taste, the ever prominent sweet baked pastry spans across many countries and with a variety of recipes to match. The jiggly and flaky sensation is a must-have in any pantry, and you can start by browsing through a wide selection of them. No wonder this century-old decadence is still one of the pioneer baked treats of today!

We all know that feeling of sneaking in an extra bite, so hurry up and customise one whole box from Nam Heong yourself with FavePay! The chefs bake it daily so what you get is piping hot and luscious treats fit for any meal. Plus, that 10% cashback comes pretty handy for extra servings to share or not to share!

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3. Siew Mai

Seasons come, seasons go. But siew mai is present no matter how old you grow! Varying in fillings, you can find ingredients such as crab meat, glutinous rice, mutton, and the most classical of them all – pork and shrimp. Since it’s so versatile, you can dip it with a handful of sauces and pair with other dishes.

So skip the wait of having to pick one and march right on to Five Sen5es at The Westin Kuala Lumpur where a buffet of dim sum awaits! Brunching never felt so rewarding because now you get to sample their texturally refined signature siew mai filled with steamed shrimp and chicken topped with mushroom and tobiko.

Dim Sum at The Westin Kuala Lumpur
Signature siew mai at The Westin KL

4. Xiao Long Bao

Additionally, we have one of the most intricate yet striking dim sum dishes filled up with a multitude of ingredients. The best part? It has a kaleidoscope of colours! Folks call it Shanghainese soup dumpling while the norms term it as ‘xiao long bao’ in Cantonese. We call it dips!

So why not nosh-up on the plenty of selection from Dim Sum Signature where you get to lavish on six (6) different kinds all at once! With a medley of variants such as garlic, ginseng, crabmeat, and other dim sum selections offered, this cash voucher deal is bound to sweeten up your day!

Xiao Long Bao Dim Sum Signature on Fave
6-flavour xiao long bao from Dim Sum Signature

5. Salted egg custard buns

Lastly, everyone is riding the wave of the sweet-savoury goodness of salted egg yolk. With trends like salted egg yolk croissants sweeping the nation, who could forget the humble salted egg custard buns oozing out its decadence. We sure didn’t and neither should you!

Hence, grab your friends or family and travel to Key Hiong Dim Sum with an added incentive of 10% cashback. Once inside, let the assemblage of options take you on a never-ending journey of oriental flavours. In the midst of them all, find their signature salted egg custard bun unveiling itself to the crowd with a plump and juicy exterior and a warm, creamy interior.

Salted Egg Custard Bun

Now, that’s only five of the many dim sum dishes available. Want to see your fave hotspot enlisted in our next list? Comment below and we’ll see to it!

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