It’s been 5 years since the last elections and you’ve finally registered to vote! But have you wondered what’s actually going to happen on the day itself? Here are some thoughts you may go through when voting for the first time. A word of warning, these thoughts may sound dumb but they’re the real deal!

1. “Walao, parking penuh la!”

Anyone who drives knows the hell they have to go through just to vote. The solution? CARPOOL! If your friends or family are heading to the same polling centre then carpool together – it saves time and space. Plus, you guys can grab a bite to eat together afterwards!

2. “Oh god, please don’t rain!” / “Alamak, panas gila doh!”

Solution? Okay, we can’t 100% predict the weather, but check the weather forecast around your voting centre before going off to vote. If all else fails, keep an umbrella or a mini-fan with you in your bag!

3. “Will I meet my future bae there?”

You know… there’s always that one person, who despite WHATEVER is going on, is still looking for love from all places. But who knows? He/she could be right behind you – like literally… lining up right behind you – but let’s hope they’re voting the same way as you are.

4. “Do I know enough to make a huge decision like this?”

There’s always a first for everything – including your first vote! You may not be the most well-informed about current political issues, but hey, not one person knows everything so don’t doubt yourself too much! Solution? Vote for who YOU think is best for the country.

5. “Okay don’t mess up. Don’t accidentally vote for the wrong party.”

It’s like an exam, no matter how much you’ve prepared for it, read up the proper materials, studied everything you need to study AND STILL feel unprepared. Solution? Relax – make sure you mark ‘X’ on the party you want to vote for and double check your vote.

6. “Ok I’ve just voted – now how do I keep track of the results?”

Let us help you! Just go here to check for live election results.

7. “Hmm… I wonder how long it takes to wash off this indelible ink.”

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard all about it ever since it was introduced during the last election. It does NOT come off no matter how many times you wash your hands, so don’t even bother. Don’t worry though cause it will only last for 3 – 4 days.

8. “Does my vote even count? Does it even matter?”

Of course, because every vote counts!

Share with us whether you’ve experienced these before, and if not, let us know how your first vote went!

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