Shopping malls. They’re a pretty big deal here. Workday or weekend, most Malaysians flock to the closest shopping centre at the first opportunity. Why? Where else can you get air-con, Wi-Fi, food, and Pokemon all in the same place?

1 Utama is one of those places.

Affectionately known as ‘1U’ and ‘OU’ by locals, it is the largest shopping mall in Malaysia, spanning over 5 million square feet. That’s 5 million square feet of air-con, Wi-Fi, food, and Pokémon. But what happens when your wallet’s empty, ATMs are as rare as that one Pokemon you can never catch, and there’s a rumble in your tummy? That’s where Fave comes to the rescue with offers and cashless payments!

1. Auntie Anne’s

aunty anne pretzel

That’s right. The Pretzident of the Pretzel herself. With your FavePay in hand, nothing beats the deliciously sweet and savoury, chewy and crunchy range of handmade pretzels sold here. Whether you like it traditional and sweet with some cinnamon sugar, or if you like it thick and meaty in your mouth with a pretzel dog, Auntie Anne’s is here for you and your belly.

2. Llaollao

Be a part of the hype with the frozen yoghurt with one of the most infamous reputations around. Is it pronounced “yao yao”? Or “lao lao”? Is it “extra sauce and extra crumbs please”? Find out with Fave. Get in line, whip out your FavePay, and grab a cup of your favourite Biscoff sauce-topped froyo without having spare change to bog you down.

 froyo GIF

3. Patissez

Yes, more food. Why? Because why not. A restaurant notorious for their towering concoctions of Freakshakes, Patissez is somewhere you can actually have a sit-down meal and a menu you don’t have to read from behind a cashier. Check out their Freakshakes with a Buy 1 Free 1 deal, and embrace the sugar rush of chewy fudge brownies, marshmallows, and cookies. Alternatively, grab a cash voucher and fulfil your daily nutritional requirements with their all-day breakfast, pizzas, burgers, and meat dishes.

milkshake bros with Aaron Tveit
Trust in the milkshake.

4. Celmonze the Signature

Now that you’re all filled up and blood flow has been redirected from brain to belly, it’s only fair that you take some time to digest. Take a leisurely stroll through the mall, before grabbing some time to pamper yourself. From facials, slimming treatments, and spas, to specialised bust and ovary treatments, Celmonze the Signature keeps you feeling easy, breezy, and beautiful.

signature facial
Always stay hydrated.

5. Juice Works

After you’ve taken some time on the beauty treatment table having been pampered, now’s the right time to reward yourself. Head over to Juice Works and get your inner juice junkie a fix with a fresh fruit juice or a yummy smoothie, and maintain your glowing features after all that effort.

Image result for fruit meme


If none of the above strikes your fancy, you can always check out the vast range of 1 Utama eateries and activities available on Fave. But, if all else fails – there’s always Pokémon.

Fave offers and FavePay allow you to enjoy your meal at these spots and get instant discounts at the same time. Additionally, receive cashback of up to 20% on your next visit!

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